New beginnings.

After nearly two years, we are soon to resume our training at Hallam Dojo.

I would like to thank Sensei Andy for giving me the honour of taking over a highly regarded club with a long and prestigious history. I hope to be be able to continue setting high standards and seeing students progress towards their potential. Sensei Andy’s desire was to continue the close relationship between the Hallam and Norton dojos.

I realise that some of us have not trained as regularly as we would have liked during the pandemic, so training initially will be geared towards getting us all back into regular practice. Starting with the Goju Ryu fundamentals we will move gently forwards to where we were and beyond.

Starting on Thursday 10th March 2022, we will resume classes at St Mary’s Church, Walkley. Initially training will be only on Thursdays, but in the future we may be able to return to a second night depending on numbers. Until that time, we are again invited to join Sensei Glenn Herbert for training at Norton Dojo.

I look forward to seeing students old and new at Hallam dojo on Thursday 10th March.

Sensei Dave with Higaonna Sensei in Okinawa
Sensei Dave with Higaonna Sensei in Okinawa

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