Handing over the dojo

It’s been a long hard two and a bit years due to the pandemic and things have changed a fair bit during that time. As most of you know I retired from work in March 2021 and went to live in Greece.

I will be doing the same again this year with Margaret and will not be able to commit to the dojo as I won’t be here for the majority of the year. Things have also changed for Sensei Esh during the pandemic, he has found his ‘Salsa Empire’ grow, from dance classes, Dj-ing and radio shows.

I have had meetings with Sensei Dave from Norton Dojo who will be taking over Thursday session at Hallam Dojo. Dave wants to add teaching karate to his expertise and taking the class at Hallam is an obvious step. Dave has trained on Zoom with senior instructors from around the world as well as our own EGKA senior grades during the pandemic. Dave has resumed training face to face with several of the EGKA seniors since restrictions were relaxed and I feel the dojo will be in great hands.

I will be returning to Greece in March and will be getting progress reports from Dave about your training. I will be back in November and will call in to see the dojo which has a long history continue to thrive under new leadership. I hope that Hallam members will continue to support the dojo under Sensei Dave.

Sensei Dave Mason and Sensei Andy Barker
Sensei Dave Mason and Sensei Andy Barker

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