Dojo Instructor, Sensei Andy Barker, 6th Dan

Sensei Andy Barker

Sensei Andy began his training in 1984 at a small club teaching Goju Ryu in Sheffield.  In 1986 at the suggestion of Sensei Graham Ravey he visited the IOGKF honbu dojo, then in Tokyo as a green belt and trained under Sensei Morio Higaonna. On his return he began to train at a different club in Chesterfield under Sensei Kenny Allen a student of Sensei Ravey.
Sensei Ravey would visit the dojo along with Sensei Nigel Adams when they returned from Japan on family visits.

Around 1990 he started teaching at the then Sheffield Polytechnic where current dojo stalwarts such as Esref Ulas and Terry Noble began training with him. Sadly the instructor at Chesterfield had to cease training for health reasons so Sensei Andy journeyed to the infamous ‘Marble Factory’ dojo belonging to Sensei George Andrews. He was taken by what he saw and joined the EGKA. He continued to train with Sensei Andrews  for 20 years until recently re-joining the EGKA after a being part of the OTGKA.

Sensei Andy has trained in Japan and Okinawa on several occasions and attended numerous European Gasshukus. He continues to train on a regular basis with senior instructors of the EGKA

In January 2015 he travelled to train at the IOGKF Honbu dojo where he was successful in his 6th dan grading.


Assistant Dojo Instructor, Sensei Richard Dixon, 4th Dan

Sensei Richard Dixon

Sensei Richard Dixon first started training in Goju Ryu karate in 1995 at Sheffield Hallam Dojo, under the guidance of Sensei Andy Barker. Between 1998 and 2000, he won various medals at EGKA National Kata and Kumite competitions. He has been teaching karate for several years at various Dojos in Sheffield. He trained with many IOGKF/EGKA Senior Instructors from across the World and the UK, including Morio Higaonna Sensei (10th Dan) of Okinawa.

Sensei Richard successfully obtained his 1st Dan in 1999, 2nd Dan in 2001, 3rd Dan in 2005 and 4th Dan in 2010.

He often emphasises the additional benefits of Goju Ryu Karate training. He believes that the physical training and conditioning exercises enhance flexibility and strength; training over the years allowed him to develop and perform many self defence techniques.


Assistant Dojo Instructor, Sensei Esref Ulas, 4th Dan

Sensei Eşref Ulaş

Sensei Esref Ulas first started training Goju Ryu karate in 1997 under the guidance of Sensei Andy Barker and this has continued to date. During those years he was also taught by Sensei Terry Noble. Between 1998 and 1999 (and more recently in 2011), he has won various medals at Regional and National competitions at both team and individual categories. He has participated in several IOGKF & EGKA Gasshukus  in UK and Europe, led by Morio Higaonna Sensei (10th Dan).

Sensei Esref successfully obtained his 1st Dan in 2002, 2nd Dan in 2004, 3rd Dan in 2007 and 4th Dan in 2012.

He regularly attends training events in the UK led by the Chief/Senior Instructors of the EGKA/IOGKF. Sensei Esref is committed to transfer his knowledge and experience for the development of students.

He believes that Goju Ryu karate is for people of all ages, gender, ethnic background and abilities. Regular training will help build up confidence levels, fitness, strength and healthy minds/bodies. The historical and linguistic parts of the traditional karate are fascinating and putting all these in to practice is challenging but rewarding”.